Mexican media, people hails Olympic Games of Beijing

  2008-08-25 02:49:21 GMT    2008-08-25 10:49:21 (Beijing Time)    Xinhua

      MEXICO CITY, Aug. 24 (Xinhua) -- Mexican media and citizens hailed on Sunday the closing of the Olympic Games of Beijing and it graded them as the best ones in the history, for the sports results and their organization.

      Chinese Olympics, gathered 204 countries and regions during more than two weeks and on Sunday they finished.

      Senior Mexican sports commentator Jose Ramon Fernandez from the daily "Reforma" said that after turning of the Olympic flame, China gets a 10.

      Fernandez said that he gave this grade to the Olympics for their organization, security at the stadiums and for the capacity to celebrate and event of this kind.

      China has proved to be a winner at the Games in a spectacular and brilliant way with its high level athletes, Fernandez said.

      Fernandez also said that with the turning off of the Olympic flame, also were turned off the days of struggle "and Chinese efforts, of an authentic giant of the world economy and sports."

      Other commentator Paco Gabril de Anda from the sports supplement "Adrenalina" of the daily Excelsior said that China organized the best Olympics of the history, because "regarding their organization, inauguration and closure they have made us to be excited till the tears."

      "China must be recognized as a millennial country that keeps its traditions, but also puts technology at the service of the modernity and it achieves to impact in all the senses to the millions of people who followed this event in the entire planet," de Anda said.

      Mexican former wrestler, who won a medal in Lon Angeles 84, Daniel Aceves in his collaboration to "El Sol de Mexico" said that after finishing the Games 'the results that the hosting countries has achieves made us see that the Asian giant has an expression of economic, political, scientific, artistic and cultural position."

      Meanwhile Mexican private and open TV channels finished on Sunday their broadcast of the 29th Olympic Games hailing the spectacular precision and unsurpassable organization deployed by China during the closing ceremony.

      Television Azteca chain displaced a group of reporters to London to simultaneously broadcast the images of the moment when London's major Boris Johnson received the Olympic flag at the National Stadium and the celebration of London people.

      Television Azteca hailed the "amazing way, the form in which China is saying good-bye to all his guests."

      Commentator Antonio de Valdez from the private chain Televisa said that the closing ceremony was nostalgic "after have lived so much emotions, and after so many years and months of preparation in all the senses."

      De Valdez said that the "Memory Tower" showed that Chinese people are "authentic genius of the creativity."

      Meanwhile, Eduardo Gonzalez told Xinhua that "these Olympic Games mark the beginning of a new stage, not only on sports, but also technology development."

      Gonzalez added that "the Olympics were a world party where it shined the great development of China achieved in the last decades. It will be very difficult that London 2012 could surpass Beijing 2008."

      Isabel Parrazal said that "Chine proved that it is possible to mix an ancient culture with the modern science, technology and humanism."

      Mexican High school student Cesar told Xinhua that he was amazed the way Chinese people mixed during the closing ceremony the visual technology and human bodies to form figures.

      The next Olympic Games will be in London 2012.