Vietnamese media: Olympics, China most successful

  2008-08-25 04:06:23 GMT    2008-08-25 12:06:23 (Beijing Time)    Xinhua

      HANOI, Aug. 25 (Xinhua) -- Host China has not only topped the medal table for the first time, but also received numerous praises for the most successful games in the history, local newspaper Youth reported Monday.

      Regarding organization work, "the host country has left strong impressions on the world and participants." Audiences around the world have still remembered the grand opening ceremony bearing China's traditional cultural identities, the newspaper said.

      "During 16 days of competition, the host country received almost no complaints about the weakness of serving work, volunteers, and sporting facilities. More importantly, the 2008 Games has been gigantic success in terms of qualifications (of athletes)," the newspaper said.

      The world has admired the great achievements of China which gained up to 51 gold medals, compared with 36 gold medals grabbed by the United States, the newspaper said.

      China has the professional investment and the elite athlete force, so its victory this time is convincing to the rest of the world, local newspaper Vietnam Sport reported Monday.

      China, ranking the second in the Olympic Games four years ago, has made, in the last seven years, careful preparations for topping the medal tally for the first time. "They (Chinese athletes) won gold medals everyday. Nothing could prevent them from advancing," the Vietnam Sport newspaper said.